Friday, September 23, 2005

My New Webcam Cache

I finally got around to doing a webcam cache. I've visited and logged webcam caches, but this one I own. Or own at least until they do away with webcam caches. The cache is named very creatively---Santa Monica Pier.

I was in Santa Monica for a training conference, so I stopped by the Santa Monica Pier to do a couple of caches. Before I went, I found a webcam that shows the entrance to the Pier, so I figure, "Why not do a cache with it." I called my daugter, Julie, and she took my photo. Unfortuately, the camera doesn't zoom, so you can't really see how good looking I am from the photo. By the way, Julie is very talented, smart, and a bunch of other things that she told me that I should say, but I can't remember right now.

The cache had its first visit last night, so it's up and going.


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